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Helpful Tips and Tricks for Commercial Door Repair

Commercial Glass Storefront Doors

Owning a commercial building comes with many challenges and expenses. Door repairs and maintenance often get pushed to the wayside, and you react to an issue when it arises. However, extra attention to your doors may save hundreds of dollars in professional repairs or replacing the doors altogether. 

Importance of Commercial Door Repairs 

The doors of your business serve a functional purpose and require immediate attention at the first sign of damage. Repairs are crucial for your business, whether it's an automatic sliding glass door or a wooden interior door. 

Door repairs influence the following: 

Depending on the type of damage, you can address the issue without the help of a professional. However, complex repairs, like removing and replacing broken door glass, should be left to an expert. 

Helpful Hints for Simple Commercial Door Repair

Your door is often the first thing people notice about your business. Keeping it in good condition will help attract new customers and keep your regular patrons returning. When you see any small need for repairs, quickly addressing them is essential. 

Lock Isn't Latching Properly 

Check the strike on your door frame when your door isn't latching properly. This opening is a prime location for dirt and debris. Employees and customers may place their trash or pieces of paper in these areas, making the lock ineffective. 

Regularly checking your door strikes for clutter will keep them clean and ensure that your locks are working. Your door will latch without additional strain on the latch or door closer.  

Electronic Locks Malfunction 

Like anything that is battery-operated, electronic locks must have batteries checked yearly. Most locks continue to operate on a single battery charge, but eventually, they will fail, or corrosion will occur. These batteries need changing right away.  

Even if the lock seems to be functioning, you may not be aware of a battery leaking inside the lock. You may need to purchase a replacement door if too much damage occurs. 

Slow Closing Door 

The door closer is a crucial piece of hardware for your entrance. Regularly check your door for any leaking fluid escaping the closer. This signifies that the hydraulic seal is broken and the closer needs replacing. 

Replacing it during standard business hours will be more cost-effective than calling a locksmith after closing. Having an Allen wrench nearby will make necessary adjustments easier. 

If your door closes too hard, the frame, lock, or other pieces of hardware can become damaged. Closing too slowly may lead to the door not latching correctly, putting your facility at risk.    

Door Begins Sticking 

Your commercial doors require lubrication to ensure they function smoothly. If you notice that your doors begin sticking, whether it's the hinges, locks, or bolts, lubricate these moving parts. This helps them move freely and prevents them from damage. 

After lubrication, if your door is still challenging to use, it may have rusty components that need cleaning or a more complex repair. Call a professional door repair to assess the condition of your door. 

Loose Bolts 

After years of daily use, commercial door bolts may loosen up. If this issue is not addressed, they may fall out and cause severe damage to the door or, worse, anyone using it. You should regularly check for loose bolts and if you find any, tighten them. This will prevent further damage to the door. You must monitor these bolts more frequently moving forward. 

Damaged Seals 

Inevitably, your door seal will wither away. Keep an eye on your current seal and replace it at the first signs of damage. Replacing it is essential because it contributes to your building's energy efficiency and blocks sound from entering and leaving the room.  

Jamming Door 

Paying attention to your door will alert you to any problems. One such issue is when it jams. A jammed door is susceptible to damage and must be adequately taken care of. You may need to clean any rust, dirt, or other debris blocking the door. 

Keep Your Doors Lasting Longer with Professional Repairs 

Although some repairs, such as tightening loose bolts, are straightforward, many require more complex attention. Contact CDF Distributors for help with intricate commercial door repairs to keep your doors open longer.










December 8, 2022
Wayne Foreman

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