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How to Choose the Best Storefront Glass for Your Business

Glass storefront doors

Choosing storefront glass for your business is a task you likely don’t often do. The process can be exciting but challenging because of the multiple great options available. You'll want something durable and attractive, but sticking to your budget is vital to your decision.  

Making your final selection is less complicated when you know what you're looking for. You can follow these guidelines to help you make the best choice for your business.  

Importance of Choosing the Best Storefront Glass

Your storefront is the first thing your potential customers and clients see when they approach your building. As we all know, first impressions are everything. The glass you use only strikes a few people as an essential factor in this first impression. Still, it can sway a potential customer from entering your business. 

Your storefront is what introduces your business to the world and invites your customers in. The right glass doors give them a glimpse into your space and create a welcoming environment. It will help customers feel more comfortable deciding to come inside.  

Durability and Safety

Protecting your business (and the employees and customers inside) is essential to your success. The durability of your glass storefront will help ensure your patrons' safety. 

Choosing a fragile material will make breaking into your business easier, even if you have an alarm system. Replacing the broken glass can be a pain, and you'll be dealing with the loss of stolen property.  

Fragile glass is a hazard to your customers, employees, and business. Security or tempered glass is a suitable choice when you need something durable. Neither of these materials splits into sharp pieces if they are accidentally broken. 


You'll want to consider how much privacy your commercial property requires. Retail spaces may not need privacy because you want customers to window shop as they walk past your store. However, if you're a medical business or spa, your clients may appreciate privacy while waiting for their appointment. 

Clear Glass vs. Tinted Glass 

Clear glass is the ideal material if you want to convert passersby into potential customers. Your products will be clearly displayed for window shoppers to see. Clear glass also creates a bright, inviting atmosphere for spaces like a bakery or clothing store. 

For businesses that require more privacy, frosted or tinted windows may be the best solution. These materials still allow natural light to enter your commercial space, but those walking past won't easily see who or what's inside. A frosted window gives your clients privacy but also gives you room for creativity by etching a design into the glass. 

Laminated Glass 

Laminated glass can minimize the impact of vandalism. It works well on storefront windows and doors and even protects against the effects of a storm. 

Laminated glass protects the contents of your business from getting damaged by UV light as the sun shines through your storefront. This glass protects your floor, carpets, and inventory from fading and getting ruined.  

Make It Uniquely Yours 

Gone are the days when you only have the option of a plain, clear window. Today, you can make your storefront glass unique to your business. Choosing a stained glass window will create a more elegant look and allow you to personalize a design. This option allows you to choose from various shapes, sizes, and colors.   

If stained glass isn't your style, you can try an etched glass storefront. A professional can etch your logo or choice of words into your storefront window.  

Find a Team with Commercial Glass Experience 

Before committing to a glass installation contractor, verify they are qualified to work with commercial storefront glass. Otherwise, you may end up with low-quality workmanship, leading to extensive problems, like cracks and leaks, in the future. Ask for references from previous clients to ensure the contractor can complete this type of project. 

Ask the contractor about their licensing and insurance to work with commercial properties in your state. Hiring someone with licensing and insurance will help you know they understand how to install storefront glass. 

Without these items, your business is susceptible to lawsuits if somebody is injured on your property or materials you've already paid for become damaged. 

If you have questions about choosing storefront glass for your business, contact CDF Distributors.









November 7, 2022
Wayne Foreman

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