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You've just spent time carefully designing your custom door. You've carefully chosen every feature you want, and you're ready to place your order. Is there anything else you need to add? 

There are several small but useful accessories you might want to include. One of these is a kick-down door holder. This small accessory will cost $40 or less and could come in quite handy. Here are a few great reasons to include one in your order:

Better Traffic Management

Managing traffic flow through your business can be more complex than people realize. At one point, you may wish to have a door fully closed for both privacy and sound control. Later, you may choose to have the same doors fully open to allow traffic to flow freely during a busy time of day. 

Don’t forget that you can also choose to prop only one side of a set of double doors open with a mobile door holder. By doing so, you help prevent people from flowing through an entryway too quickly.

If you use an accessory such as an automatic door closer, you may find that a standard door holder isn't strong enough. Unsecured door holders are also exceptionally easy to lose. Even magnetic door holders may not be adequate to hold the door open when you need it most. However, a kick down door holder works ideally in these situations.

Because a kick down door holder is attached directly to the door, you can use it to hold the door open at any angle. Simply kick the device down to hold a door open a crack or to keep it open all of the way.

Improved Airflow

Of course, if you can use door holders to open up spaces for traffic, you can also use them to improve airflow as needed. Any time things become stuffy or smelly, you can simply prop open the door to let air through. This solution is perfect for kitchens, locker rooms, classrooms, or other areas where odors can accumulate.

Additionally, keeping doors propped open helps any HVAC systems or air purifiers work more efficiently. It can even help maintain better temperature control.

Injury Prevention

One of the key purposes of any door holder is injury prevention. A kick down door holder keeps the door open without constant intervention. There’s no danger of anyone losing a grip on the door or of a mobile door holder being kicked out of the way. 

Thanks to this, there is less risk of people being struck by swinging doors or having their hands injured. If your door has a door closer attached, you really should consider a kick down door holder for safety’s sake.

Hands-Free Operation

It can be difficult, if not impossible, for someone to manually set a mobile door holder if they are carrying items or pushing a cart. They would either have to put their things aside or attempt to manipulate the door holder into place while handling whatever items they were carrying. That's inconvenient at best and unsafe at worst.

A kick down door holder makes things much easier. The person managing the load can simply use their foot to kick the door holder into place. After that, they have an open doorway for easy egress and ingress.

Other Door Accessories

A kick down door holder is just one example of a simple, inexpensive addition that can make a significant difference in your facility. There are other items as well. As you consider the options you want to include, take the time to look through what is available to you. 

The best approach is to think about how your team will use your door, the amount of traffic, and any other concerns. Then, look at the accessories available to you, such as kick plates, exit devices, and weatherization kits. 

Your Doors Designed Your Way

CDF Distributors take great pride in offering you every option you need to design a door that helps keep your employees and customers safe, happy, and productive.

If you have questions about kick down door holders or other accessories, feel free to contact one of our customer support experts. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and determine the options that are best for your business.









October 19, 2021
Wayne Foreman