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Plan Ahead With Fire Rated Glass And Doors

People want glass doors. They are attractive and appealing. They allow more natural light and provide energy savings for the entire building.

The struggle happens in finding a middle ground for aesthetic appeal and fire safety. Commercial door manufacturers are always pushing the limits to design pleasing buildings with maximum fire protection.

There are fire protective and fire resistive types. The first protects by containing flame and smoke. The second resists by containing the flame and smoke while also blocking radiant heat. This type is typically found on walls. For glass, there is a fire-rated glazing available.


When emergencies happen, there’s never time to change past decisions. That’s why planning ahead is so important. Depending on the type and size of building, varying fire ratings will work best. CDF provides fire rated metal doors, fire rated wood doors, and fire rated door glass kits.

The fire rated metal doors have four fire rating options. The double doors are available with 20, 45, 90-minute or 3-hour ratings. The single metal doors have the same four time options.

CDF’s fire rated wood doors come with three time options for single and double doors. Each fire rated wood door has 20, 45 and 90-minute ratings available.

The glass kits come with either wired glass or high temperature fire rating options. They each fire code requirements, providing safe hallways, stairwells or other corridors.

The most popular size of both wood and metal fire rated doors are always overstocked in our warehouse. They’re well-stocked for rush shipping, directly to your job site.


In order to make your building more enticing for customers, you have to consider the physical appearance of your company. Classically-designed buildings are more appealing for a reason. The Greek and Roman buildings illustrate beautiful architecture at its best.

Consider mapping out the building face and analyze it like a plastic surgeon. Rethink the details and materials, not just for functionality but also for aesthetic draw. For example, glass walls and storefront doors invite customers in more than steel or wood.

With more customer appeal you can increase your sales and cater to the walking pedestrians of urbanization. Gently guide customers to increase profits with some additional attention to building aesthetics and the physical experience.


For schedule convenience, CDF Distributors provides fast delivery. The FEDEX freight delivery works as a one streamlined network. FEDEX is regarded as the best international option for flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Using this option, we have great shipping rates and can get out commercial doors to your restaurant, school or office building quickly and efficiently anywhere in the U.S.

Local commercial door deliveries extend to several other metro U.S. cities including Chicago, LA, Miami, Dallas , Atlanta, Seattle, Nashville and New York. Whether a school, church, office space, retail or other commercial building, we’ll deliver.






January 10, 2017
Wayne Foreman

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