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If you’re looking to maintain the security of your business and the safety of its occupants, it’s important to limit the number of people who have access to the keys that unlock its doors. Let's talk about finding out the time to re-key.

This may sound obvious, but there will be times when keys to your business wind up in the hands of people who no longer need them, such as contractors or employees who are no longer working for you. When this happens and you’re unable to retrieve the keys, your best course of action might be to re-key the doors.

When you have your doors re-keyed, a professional locksmith will adjust locking mechanisms so that your doors require a new key to gain entry and old keys are rendered useless. This is a much cheaper and easier alternative to replacing your locks altogether.

When Should You Consider Re-Keying Your Doors?

Re-keying commercial doors is almost always done to reduce the odds of burglary or theft. If there are any keys to your building’s doors that are unaccounted for, you run the risk of having them fall into the wrong hands, which presents a major security risk to your business.

Below are some of the most common reasons why you should consider hiring a locksmith to re-key your commercial doors.

An Employee is Fired or Quits Contentiously

Certain employees might be required to hold a key to your building in order to gain entry when you’re not around. You should retrieve keys from ex-employees, especially if they left under contentious circumstances, though it's not always feasible.

In the event that you lose an employee and are unable to get your key back quickly, re-keying your doors may be a wise course of action in order to prevent unauthorized access at your business.

Remember, too, that it’s always possible that an employee could have made a copy and handed back the original, especially if you haven’t used keys that are designed to prevent copies from being made. This is why it’s very important to consider re-keying if someone departs the business on bad terms.

After Extensive Contractor Access

Contractors usually work before or after business hours in order to avoid impeding on normal business operations. Because of this, they often need their own set of keys. If you should decide to switch contractors at any time, consider re-keying your doors as a security measure.

After Moving to a New Building 

Moving into a new building means unknown key copies could grant strangers access to your business and assets. Re-keying your doors right away after you purchase a building will ensure the protection of your new investment.

If You Lost Your Keys or Had Them Stolen

If a key goes missing, it might be misplaced or stolen for unauthorized access to your building. An unaccounted key threatens building security and occupant safety. Be sure to re-key your locks if the key doesn’t turn up quickly.

When You Want to Simplify Building Access

Using different keys for each lock in your building can make it difficult to find the right one. A locksmith can re-key your doors so that one master key can unlock them all.

Locks and Deadbolts from CDF Distributors

Sometimes, re-keying isn't sufficient for building security; replacing locks or deadbolts is necessary. CDF Distributors offers commercial door locksets and commercial deadbolt locks to keep your building safe and secure.

Our locksets fit standard doors, and our deadbolts come in various sizes to match door thickness and backset.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ways that you can enhance security with commercial doors, contact CDF today!







March 2, 2021
Wayne Foreman