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The Importance of Quality Commercial Door Hardware for Business Security

You might think of commercial door hardware as an afterthought, but most people would be surprised to learn how crucial this small detail is. Having the correct hardware for your doors can mean the difference between a secure and inviting business and one that’s off-putting and vulnerable to theft and other crimes.

Worn-out or poorly made hardware can leave your commercial space at risk of break-ins or malfunctioning hardware. With that in mind, choosing high-quality commercial door hardware is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

Importance of Having Secure Doors for Your Business 

Making sure you have secure doors on your commercial property is just common sense. However, some building owners need guidance on the best ways to protect their facilities. Among other things, having safe, tamper-proof doors:

  • Protects your employees and patrons
  • Deters criminal activity 
  • Promotes energy efficiency
  • Makes your building look better 

Not only will secure doors protect your assets, but they can transform your commercial property and make your business more inviting.

Types of Commercial Door Hardware 

Understanding the parts of commercial door hardware is essential to ensure that you buy components made from quality materials. The primary elements are handles, locks, hinges, and latches.

Handles are found inside the door and must be turned to open the door. This forces them to unlatch from their position on the doorframe. 

A lock is found inside the door and secures the entrance with barring devices like knobs and cylinders. These parts are typically metal but may also be made from plastic or composite materials.

Latches are commonly used in smaller entrances. They hold the door closed by latching onto another component, like a doorknob, on either side.  

Why Quality Materials Matter 

When choosing commercial door hardware, selecting parts that provide longevity, durability, and aesthetic appeal is essential. Durable materials will withstand the constant use many businesses see. Products made from quality materials will also guarantee that the hardware will meet your company's high security and aesthetic standards.

Quality materials make long-lasting parts that don’t require frequent replacement. Thinner materials create hardware that breaks easily, leaving you with a malfunctioning door and the associated costs of investing in repairs

Commercial doors are often the first thing customers see, making appearance a worthwhile consideration. Another benefit of high-quality materials is that they look better and create a professional image for your company.  

What to Consider When Choosing Your Commercial Door Hardware 

There are many points to consider when choosing hardware for your commercial door. Consider the following factors:

Main Entry Points 

Many business owners choose deadbolts at the main entry points. However, no deadbolt will fit the needs of every building. Commercial buildings require durable locks that provide the best possible security.  

When choosing a deadbolt, you want to be sure it will prevent intruders from breaking down the door and disabling the lock. Look for deadbolts with the following features: 

  • Inch-long bolts 
  • Three-inch nails (or longer) 
  • A strike box instead of a plate 

Finding a deadbolt that meets these criteria will ensure that your door hardware provides the utmost safety and security.  

Daily Traffic 

The amount of daily traffic your door sees can help you determine the type of hardware you invest in. Having impact edge doors reduces the need for kick plates, strengthening the door's durability. This style may be available in woodgrains and solid colors, giving you multiple options to customize your facility's appearance.

Security Needs 

Security should be at the forefront of your mind when choosing your door hardware. 

Some facilities may need attack-resistant hardware to fend off attackers until help responds. Others may be looking for "contactless" doors with electronic locks. These not only help prevent the spread of germs but also provide additional security.

For maximum security, you can choose from the following features: 

  • Door sensors 
  • Door operators 
  • Mobile key platforms 
  • Locksets 

Buildings that require advanced security should consider adding biometric scanners that recognize unique anatomical patterns like faces or fingerprints.

Safeguard Your Business with Hardware from CDF Distributors

Acquiring high-quality commercial door hardware starts with finding a dependable retail door distributor. CDF Distributors is an experienced company with an A+ accreditation rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help secure your business with our high-quality commercial door hardware.









February 1, 2023
Wayne Foreman

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