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Commercial Door Repair

A commercial door protects the contents inside your business, so you'll want to know that it's dependable. These types of doors can last for several years, putting them at the bottom of the list for replacement. They require minimal maintenance, but that doesn't mean you should ignore them.
Your commercial door is susceptible to damage every day, and once that happens, the safety and security of everything inside are at risk. Understanding the signs of a failing commercial door will help you know whether it requires repair or if it's time for a replacement.

Repair vs. Replace

The most significant determining factor when deciding whether to repair or replace your commercial door is the extent of the damage. Repairs may be out of the question if there is too much damage, forcing you to replace the door.
However, before deciding, you should have a professional inspect the door to ensure there aren’t any underlying issues you need to be aware of.
Another reason you may choose to replace your door is the style. Trends change along with your taste and business aesthetic. Sometimes a new door better fits the overall look of your storefront. It is possible changes can be made through repairs, like a coat of paint, but many times it's best to move forward with a replacement.

Benefits of Commercial Door Repairs

The cost is the primary benefit of repairing your door rather than investing in a replacement. If the hinges or other hardware are damaged, a repair might make more sense for your business.
These components are simple to replace. Once your front door repairs are finished, your door will function normally, look better, and last longer.

Benefits of Commercial Door Replacement

If a simple repair doesn't restore your door, it's time to consider replacing it. If the door is dented or damaged, it can't do its job, and your business is less secure. After your replacement gets installed, your security increases, preventing attempted theft and break-ins. You'll also notice lower utility bills due to the improved energy efficiency.

Signs Your Commercial Door Needs Repairing

If you're having issues with your commercial door, you're probably wondering whether it's worth the money to repair it. A repair may be sufficient if the problem includes any of the following:

Alignment or Bent Frames

A door gets out of alignment when it is misused, causing the door to scrape against the frame or floor. Yes, this is annoying, but it doesn't create a security risk. On the other hand, a bent frame does create security issues and requires immediate, professional repair.


Corrosion occurs when your door gets exposed to extreme weather conditions, like humidity. This issue may not present a significant problem, but it depends on your door type.
Corrosion and rust weaken the door, compromising your safety. You may be able to clean some rusty spots; however, excessive corrosion requires a replacement door installed.

Warped Door

Although warped doors are less common in commercial metal doors, it's still a potential problem. A wooden frame is more likely to warp, requiring a repair.
These may seem like minor issues, but they play a big role in the image of your business. If you have any similar problems with your commercial door, you should call a professional for a repair.

Signs Your Commercial Door Needs Replacing

The two main reasons to consider a replacement rather than a repair are when the repair total exceeds the cost of a new door or when it no longer represents your brand or quality of business. However, some commercial entries become so broken and outdated that a repair is a waste of money.


If your business has been victimized by vandalism or forced entry, it could be repaired depending on the damage. However, it likely will need replacing. The potential damage from vandalism includes:

This damage may prevent the door from working correctly, leaving your business vulnerable to additional criminal activity.
Trust the team at CDF Distributors when you're considering replacing your commercial door. We have trained and experienced technicians who will match you with the best door for your business. Give us a call today!












August 19, 2022
Wayne Foreman