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11 Common Causes of Commercial Door Damage

Storefront Doors

Commercial doors face a lot of use and abuse during daily operations. After all, they get pushed and pulled more often than residential doors, which is why they get built with more durable materials. However, this doesn't mean they aren't susceptible to normal wear and tear. 

Business owners must prepare themselves for some of the most common causes of commercial door damage and understand how to deal with them. Below are some common issues you may have with your commercial door and how to resolve them.    

Extreme Weather Conditions 

Extreme weather of all sorts can destroy your commercial doors. Heavy winds stir up the debris that can break your glass. Large pieces of hail may cause dings and dents. Temperature changes can lead to expansion and contraction, causing glass window panes to weaken, especially if they are already older or damaged.  


Corrosion is more likely to occur after repeated exposure to extreme weather conditions. Depending on the door, paint and primer may wear off, leading to rusty, brittle spots. These areas will become vulnerable to tampering and will need replacing.  

Old Materials  

Insulation degrades over time, leaving glass-related structures vulnerable to damage. Air expanding and contracting between window panes can cause cracks in older windows. 

Hinge Damage 

When a door gets propped open with mops, broomsticks, or other tools, it potentially leads to damage. Propping the door open puts stress on the hinges, especially those near the top. This stress causes the hinges to deteriorate and often break, which will lead you to replace the door and enforce a strict rule against propping it open. 

Heavy Impact 

Your commercial doors may be exposed to rocks, tree limbs, debris from traffic, or an automobile accident that may cause the glass to crack and shatter. You can limit the damage by repairing minor blemishes immediately. 


The impact from heavy or airborne objects isn't necessarily intentional. However, your commercial door may get damaged due to criminal activity. Your business may be targeted with smashed windows or broken doors. Although you can't predict these things, ensuring you have heavy-duty doors and windows will limit the damage.    

Foreign Objects in the Entryway 

You'll always want to create a welcoming environment and may do this by using planters and decorative pots. However, these could damage your commercial door if they aren’t clear of the entry. Before settling on a location for your decorations, test the door. If it cannot open or close, you may need to find another place for your decor.  

Broken Weatherstripping 

Weatherstripping has one purpose: protecting the door from weather and moisture. If the seal is no longer intact, your entry could end up damaged. On top of that, you'll notice that your energy bills are increasing! 

Bent Frames 

The integrity of your door relies on the durability of the frame, which can become bent for several reasons, including bumps from forklifts, delivery trucks, misuse, or vandalism. Regardless of the cause, the result is the same: a damaged door. 

A Narrow Entryway 

Doors cannot properly swing open and close with a narrow entryway. This impact causes chipping and cracking to glass doors as it bounces off the wall. One way to combat this issue is to have door bumpers installed or use a pneumatic door closer to prevent the door from closing too quickly.  

Inadequate Installation Techniques 

Sometimes, the damage to your commercial doors begins at the point of installation. Codes and standards may not have been followed, creating an oversight during installation. This misstep can lead to adverse effects, including weakened glass and door frame structures. Partnering with a contractor with a superior reputation is vital to avoid faulty installation and long-term service.

When It's Time to Replace Your Door 

Sometimes, you can no longer repair a door, and your only option is a replacement. Whether these damages come from vandalism, water damage, or normal wear and tear, it's crucial to get a replacement soon. 

Many times, a replacement is cheaper than a repair. Besides, your commercial door reflects your company, especially the front entrance. You'll want to ensure it's always in tip-top shape.   

Caring for your commercial door is the best way to prolong its lifespan and avoid damaging cracks or breaks. For help with your commercial doors, contact CDF Distributors!












July 28, 2022
Wayne Foreman

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