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Enhancing Security with Bullet-Proof Doors: Safety Measures for All

Take a look at a nearby school and commercial holdings, you will notice that steel doors are now common as exterior and interior doors. The reason why people are now opting for steel doors isn’t just because of their durability, but because they are bullet-proof doors.


As mass shooting rise in the United States affecting schools, malls and entertainment venues. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of these crimes and now even our senators and congressmen under fire. The outcome of this is that more business owners and event venue operators  are thinking about the "active shooter" scenario.

Sober Thinking & Planning For Security

Each business & event space should take some sober time to really apply some thinking and planning to this unfortunate scenario. One strong recommendation from authorities about these shooter  situations is for you to hid, secure the room and wait for police response. If that's the case then you should consider that only the only commercial doors that will actually shield you from the bullet sprays are steel doors.

You might wonder, "Why does a commercial door need to be made of steel to be bulletproof?" Well, some wooden and glass door manufacturers claim that their doors are bulletproof. To a great length, commercial doors made of glass and wood won’t give you the protection a steel door will provide you.

The materials of the three classes of doors are by far different.

Choosing a Steel Door

Steel is the best material for commercial doors for the security conscious. There are many reasons you should also choose commercial steel doors.

·      Bullet resistance

Bullet-resistant steel doors can be an essential element for commercial and residential security plan when gun violence may be an issue.

·      Durability and longevity

Steel doors are more durable and last longer than wood and glass doors. Steel doors are less likely to need repairs because they don't crack like wood or shatter like glass. They are designed with security in mind, offering better insulation and increased resistance to vandalism.

·      Emergency compatible

The commercial steel doors feature an option of 3-hours of fire rating. The fire-rated steel doors reduce the spread of smoke and fire. Others reasons why you should consider steel doors include: weather resistance, dent resistance, easy to remove graffiti from properly finished door and low cost of maintenance

Apart from steel doors, other there are other bullet-proof options for commercial doors.

Bullet-Proof Glass Doors


Want to purchase glass door and still need it to be bulletproof? Well, there are bullet-proof glass doors. Bulletproof glass doors are typically made of acrylic, polycarbonate or glass-clad polycarbonate materials. These materials designed for protection against bullets.  Naturally, it is not totally impenetrable. However, instead of shattering it can flex, thereby preventing the bullet from penetrating through.

However, don’t be fooled, many glass door manufacturers will claim that their doors are bullet proof while they are not. So if you are buying a bullet-proof glass door, check the specifications or seek the consultation of a professional.

Bullet-Proof Wood Doors

There special wooden commercial doors that are bullet-proof. These wood doors are of high aesthetic quality that matches any decorative designs while meeting your security needs. These doors are made of wood and steel. The interior of the doors is created from highly resistant wood materials that can reduce the impact of bullets. Complementing these bullet resistant characteristic of the wood is a steel frame and hinge. They manufacture the casing and steel construction to achieve both the luxurious appearance and ballistic resistance of the door.







March 29, 2017
Wayne Foreman

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