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How to Fix a Squeaky Office Door: A Step-by-Step Guide

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As you walk around your office, you may notice the subtle creak of a squeaky door. It may begin as a slight annoyance, but if it's left unattended, the sound could turn into a constant disturbance for anyone within earshot.  

With the productivity of office workers at stake, understanding how to stop your door from squeaking is crucial to keeping the peace in the building. Fortunately, eliminating this unwanted and distracting noise is easy to do.

What Causes a Squeaky Door? 

Before resolving the issue, it's a good idea to understand why the problem occurred in the first place. Not only does this help you prevent future issues, but it will increase your chances of successfully stopping the squeak.  

Office doors usually begin to squeak because of fluctuating humidity levels and temperature changes within your building. But there are other contributing factors, including: 

  • Dwindling or lack of lubrication 
  • Inaccurate measurements during installation 
  • Hinges that are too tight 

Many people assume that the door hinge is always to blame for offending squeaks. And although they are often the problem, doors often continue squeaking after lubrication. This continued nuisance indicates an additional problem that an expert in the field needs to address.

Where to Oil a Squeaky Door   

The hinges are always a good place to start when attempting to resolve the squeak, but where is the most effective place to put the lubricant? To stop a squeaky hinge, you may not have to disassemble the door, but other times you'll need to remove the hinge pin. This is quickly done by using a hammer and tapping on the bottom pin with a nail.

Start by closing the door and pouring lubricating oil, starting at the top of the hinge. Make sure the oil sinks through the space between the hinge hole and pin. Open and close the door a few times to allow the lubricant to cover the interior surface of the hinge. You may need to repeat this action a few times to eliminate all noise.  

Best Lubricants for Office Doors 

A silicone spray or lithium grease is the best lubricant for squeaky door hinges. Silicone spray is more cost-effective and easier to apply, making it less messy than the alternative lithium grease. However, petroleum jelly is a valid substitute if you don't have either of these products. 

It's worth noting that lubricating the door could eliminate the problem; however, it might only be a short-term solution. If the door was improperly installed or you have an old hinge, the door may continue to squeak.

Other Methods to Fix a Squeaky Door 

Lubrication may resolve your problem on the first try. If not, you can take a few additional steps before calling in an expert to repair your door. 

Tighten the Hinges 

Sometimes, doors squeak because their hinges loosen over time. If your office door gets used frequently, you may need to tighten it more often. If a particular screw loosens more than others, you might consider replacing the hinge.  

Remove Dirt and Rust 

In some cases, doors squeak because their hinges have accumulated too much dirt and rust. Lubricants and oils will not remove these particles, so you'll need to take additional steps. Using steel wool is one of the best options to eliminate any spots quickly.

After you've removed the dirt and rust, try adding lubrication again. Make sure to wipe up any excess oil to prevent stains on the floor.

Use Bar Soap 

Bar soap is an alternative lubricant for door hinges and could eliminate squeaky hinges. Using a small amount of water makes using the soap easier, but don't add too much water or you'll have a bigger mess to clean up in the end!  

When Should I Contact an Expert? 

If you've tried these methods of stopping your squeaky office door and still suffer from the disruption, you may need a professional to solve your problem. And if nothing else seems to work, you may need a replacement door or get support to find another solution.

If your office door continues to squeak after cleaning and lubricating the hinges, contact CDF Distributors. We'll help you find a squeak-free solution!











July 26, 2022
Wayne Foreman

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